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Vedic Astrological Reasons, Remedies, Solutions for Delay in Marriage

delay in marriage delay in marriage

Note: The color of the ring may variate as this is a sample ring. The actual ring delivered can be of any color shown in the picture below.

Certificate of Authentication 100% Natural AAA Best Quality
Worldwide Shipping Pure GOLD Inscription Charged & Energized
Complete Guidance on How To Use

If a girl's/boy’s marriage is getting delayed, there are hurdles in marriage or obstacles in love marriage, then he/she should wear this FACO Crystal specially Created for this purpose only. It is the most simple, effective and successful remedy of all. Apart from this, for early marriage, the girl/boy should keep photo of Shiva and Parvati in their room.



✔ Delay in Marriage
✔ Hurdles in Marriage
✔ Re-Marriage / Second Marriage
✔ To Activate Love Life
✔ To get your Love or Partner back
✔ Search for a Good Partner
✔ Activating your marriage house
✔ Avoid Divorce / Sour Relationships
✔ Activate Cordial Marital Relationships

For Cordial Marriage or Marital Relationship between partners, lovers, couples or husband wife, it is recommendable that both should wear this FACO crystal for Fast & Best Results.

The Girl/Boy who wants to get married early or want to marry his/her love, should wear this CRYSTAL on Monday. It can be worn in a thread or a chain. A girl is recommended to use yellow thread / yellow gold chain and a Boy is recommended to use white thread / silver or white gold chain. After wearing this Crystal, girl/boy should avoid using black colored clothes for atleast 11 days, as it will create obstacles in your love marriage / early marriage. After 11 days of wearing this CRYSTAL, the girl/boy should start shortlisting the suitable matches and after 40 days of wearing this Crystal, the girl/boy should start meeting the proposals as the chances of finalization increases tremendously. By following this method, many girls and boys have finalized their Love Marriage / Roka / Mangani Ceremonies within 40 days of wearing this amazing crystal. And they got married within few months. This is the power it carries. This crystal directly activates your love life and your marriage house.

Note: The above remedies are suggested and are based on our Ancient Vedas, Indian Culture and Traditions. We have extensively searched the puranas and vedas to create this FACO Crystal for Delay in Marriage. For all the vidhis mentioned above, we don’t take any responsibility for sure or specific results as they solely depend on your aastha, believes and how good you follow them. These remedies are all based on puranas, vedas, granthas and age old indian mythological traditions and hindu culture. Nothing is created or manipulated. We follow what is recommended and followed by the masses from ages. Eventually, we will not be accountable neither for the implementation nor regarding the precise results of these remedies and solutions recommended. God Bless All!

  • ✔ Pre-Charged for 41 Days as per Vedas
  • ✔ All Natural 100% Organic Crystals
  • ✔ Inscribed with 24 Carat Pure GOLD
  • ✔ Symbol-Charged with Gold-The Metal of Gods
  • ✔ Earth Mined, Precisely Picked Crystals
  • ✔ Directly Sourced from the Mines in BRAZIL
  • ✔ Procured & Selected for Best Quality
  • ✔ No Side Effects (Completely Harmless)
  • ✔ No Heat Treatment or Artificial Filling
  • ✔ Pre-Activated & Energized for Best Results
  • ✔ Negativity Free and Ion Charged
  • ✔ Pran Pratishtha & Shuddhi Done
  • ✔ Mounted in 925 Pure Sterling Silver
  • ✔ Mantra and Aura Charged
  • ✔ Programmed for Specific Purpose
  • ✔ Certificate of Authenticity Included
  • ✔ Founder & Pioneer of FACO Crystals
  • ✔ Suitable for all from 3 Years and Above
  • ✔ Fusion of Pure Gold & Pure Silver Metals
  • ✔ Vastu Compliant Cut Color Shape & Inscription
  • ✔ Based on Vedic Astrology & Astro Color Therapy
These are highly sensitive and powerful radioactive crystals, capable of churning out the desired results for which it is programmed and symbol charged for. It rectifies the imbalance caused due to certain planetary positions in the horoscope leading to the specific problems. These crystals transmit the required rays into the body and even out the negative influences of the specific problem it is programmed and charged for. These are harmless and very soothing crystals recommended for any age group between 3 years to any age.

Note: These Crystals are suitable and recommended for all ages, caste, creed, sex and gender from 3 years and above, till any age. Anybody can use these miraculous talismans and crystals for the purposes mentioned above. These crystals are also based on our age old astro-signology to give very specific, to the point and precise results. These are harmless crystals with no side effects or negative effects. The chain shown in the picture is not included in the order/package. These are the Best Quality crystals available worldwide.

A note with set of instructions and guidance will be sent on email after the purchase, as how to use, day date & time of wearing these crystals according to vedas and shubh yogas.

Astrology is the practice which is incorrectly presented as science, a relationship between the astronomical phenomena and events in the human life. The power of this astronomical phenomena is so high that it can change the flow of life of anyone. Some do believe and some don't, but the fact is that somewhere the astrology and astrological phenomenons exists. We created our profile to provide the best astrological predictions to everyone. In youngsters a very common issue related to their marriages is the most critical to resolve it on time. Marriage delay astrology in Delhi for giving reasons of delay in marriage remedies, delay in marriage astrological reasons, delay in marriage vedic astrology, delay in marriage palmistry, delay marriages upaye. Remedies for delay in girl marriages, delay in marriage lal kitab remedies, astrological remedies for delay in marriage and solutions to delay in marriages are few general queries that are frequently asked by the clients.

Astrological reasons for marriage delay and the remedies for the delay in marriage in Hindi, everything is easily available here. Our experienced and fully learned astrologers provides the remedies for all problems related to marriage. Remedies along with the reason for delay in marriage according to the lal kitab are also available for free. Astrological remedies/vedic remedies always works for delay in marriage reason. How to solve delay in marriage, vastu remedies for delay in marriages, vedic remedies for delay in marriage, shadi me deri ke upaye, shadi me deri, shadi me vilamb, jaldi shadi k upaye, jaldi shadi k upaye in hindi, sheegra vivha are some of the direct questions been frequently asked by the clients to the astrologers.

Not just the astrological or vedic solutions, our astrologists also prescribe about the gemstones for diminishing the impact of the delay in marriage. Solutions for late marriage, reasons for late marriages, astrology remedies for late marriages with prescription of the most accurate gemstone or the astrological stones for delay in marriages are also provided here online. Astrological remedies for delay in marriage and gemstones for delay in marriages are prescribed by our astrologers. Jyotish upaye for early marriage and lal kitaab remedies for child safety is also predicted by the astrologers.

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