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10 Faced Rudraksha / 10 Mukhi Rudraksha - Nepali
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Note: The ordered rudraksha can variate/differ in terms of shape, color, texture, size & growth patterns at the time of delivery. The specified picture or photograph may also differ a bit as every organic and natural rudraksha looks different from one another and cannot have same look alikes. Hence, slight differences are acceptable as humans do not have any access over nature's phenomenon. In terms of its size / caratage, differences upto of +- 0.5 carats / +- 5mm can be there and is acceptable, as it all depends on the availability of the quality and origin of the rudraksha ordered. This is the Sample picture to show the type of quality and origin of the rudraksha we are providing at the time of the delivery.
Description for 10 Faced Rudraksha / 10 Mukhi Rudraksha - Nepali


The rosary of Rudraksh (Rudraksha) beads should be taken in hands.Thereafter the following mantras should be recited 108 times then it should beworn. This should be worn in neck.


Way of Wearing

Take one bead of ten faced Rudraksha string it in a threadafter capping it in gold or silver and wear it chanting the mantra.


It is used to correct the vastu dosh and helpful for riddinghuman misery caused by unexplainable problems like ghosts, black magic and actsof enmity.

Who shouldwear?

Worn by all those persons having short temperament andeasily get affected by evil eye or black magic. Also who were so nervous, shyand wishes to get correct director for their life. Eliminates sufferings causedby the influence of the nine planets or negative energies, evil eye, legalproblems.

Importanceof 10 Mukhi Rudraksha

> Eliminates sufferings caused by all planets.

> Protects from black magic, evil eye, jealousy, untimelydeath.

> Removes fear of ghost, fear like someone is behind you.

> Removes vastu dosha (directional problems).

> Helpful in solving court cases, disputes and acts ofenemy.

> Represents lord Vishnu.

> Worn for conceiving also, brings a sense of security.

Disease cure by 10 Mukhi Rudraksha

> Insomnia (unable to sleep), conceiving problem, hearingdisease, fearful

> Controls heart of body.

Who should wear this 10 Mukhirudraksha

> Those suffering from insomnia(inability to sleep),unstable mind, anxiety.

> Those who need direction in profession and life.


Astrologicalview of 10 Mukhi rudraksha

> Removes malefic of all planets.

Specification for 10 Faced Rudraksha / 10 Mukhi Rudraksha - Nepali

10 Faced Rudraksha / 10 Mukhi Rudraksha - Nepali

This has no ruling planets but represent Lord Mahavishnu the Great protectorand Savior of Mankind .The wearer gets a sense of security. The ten mukhiRudraksh (Rudraksha) is very powerful and can help overcome fears develop asound mind. It can help a person enjoy the benefits of life attain happinessand success. It also safeguards you against evil influences around you andgives a secure and protective feeling.

This Rudraksh (Rudraksha) represents lordVishnu. The wearer of this Rudrakshs remains free of all the evil effects oninauspicious planets and all other evil spirits This Rudraksh (Rudraksha) ishelpful in all respiratory diseases if taken with milk in parts form. This isvery helpful in chronic cough and asthma. Its wearer is protected from all typeof attacks from weapons. It has great importance in spiritual field. It helpsin the cure of whooping cough.

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